With the current ongoing transition of the global lifestyle from manual way of life to digital way of life it is really necessary for people to appreciate what the environment is offering in terms of bonding with nature. Nature in its entirety offers some form of therapy to the human kind, the fresh and clean source of air we get for free offers calmness, stress reliever and creates happiness. However, with this kind of resource from nature some people still find it difficult to utilize it due to mostly nature of work environment they are in. For this human kind who may be experiencing busy schedule behind closed doors one needs to find a way of intergrating the indoor work environment with outside environment inorder to enjoy what nature has to offer and capitalize on health benefits that accompany it.


Prioritize on matters nature

Most people find it difficult to create time for nature due to their busy schedule hence don’t consider it as priority in their daily work plan. This has been necessitated by the difficult working conditions as set out in the job area whereby most of the tasks assigned have got strict deadlines and clear cut goals which the boss expects to be achieved by the end of this particular timeline. However, this may not mean you have no time to relax for a few minutes for instance how much time do you take to watch television, browsing through the internet and many low priority activities? If you consider undertaking this low priority activities at any given moment for the few minutes that you get then this should be the window period within which you could grab and spend this moment observing nature. The few minutes you take to spend outdoors with nature acts as a form of therapy and creates a moment of meditaion which further helps in improving the well being and an atmosphere of tranquility within an individuals mind.

Whats there to love about nature

Nature has a lot to offer, the sooner you figure out your favorite outdoor activity the better for you. This will act as a motivational factor to send you outdoor. Moreover, most people tend to get outdoors as a result necessitated by other factors such as doing it for someone but not yourself, the reality is you could team up with people with similar ideas relating to outdoor activities and get more inspired by different approaches of like minded people. Spending time outdoors makes an individual happier, creates clear line of thought, improved decision making process and furthermore helps in strengthening of your relationship with your spouse. Nature has a lot to offer only if you have an open mind and the interest to try out new ideas. Bird watching, participating in game drives and going to animal zoo to watch different animal species and studying them in their habitat is just among many things that nature can offer.

Create an environment where its not difficult to go outdoors

During many occasions many people tend to associate outdoor activities with participating in very expensive ventures such as going for expensive camping trips, driving for long hours to locations that are kilometers away from your home, attending quite expensive retreats and this may have drastic effect if you happen not to achieve your desired outcome after the costly ventures. Studies show that most people tend to ignore what is more closer to them and driven mostly by what others perceive to be more fulfilling outdoor activities. You could restrict your movement to the local environment and achieve similar experience with what your body needs. Couples have used their backyards to help them bond with nature as they also build strong bonds in their relationships. The simple stress free outdoor activities tend to make the body be in harmony and at peace.

Nature as a way of life

During the earlier days of our lives man bonded with nature which was our way of life since then there were no modern facilities that caused a destruction. We lived outside, hunted outside, ate outside and more often farming was the main activity which was done outside. More benefits were extracted from nature for instance medicine, clothing and even survival skills were derived from nature and its happenings. Currently, a lot has obviously changed which has resulted to new challenges and mixed opportunities. But even with the technological advancement we can still integrate the modern lifestyle and the outdoor activities, a lot has improved and many outdoor activities can be appealing depending on where your interest lies. Sporting activities have made outdoor more popular with different environmental experiences that one may participate in. Different locations in the world experience seasons which may be of particular interest to certain group of individuals due to lack of this climatic condition in their particular environment hence may want to travel and experience such conditions.

Quality of time spent outdoors

Quality of time spent outside may be highly determined by what you persue outdoors at any given time. You may take your tech devices outdoors with you and play your music through and through, make endless phonecalls, play video games and so much more but what you would really miss out on is getting intouch with the surrounding environment which was the primary goal of taking a walk outdoors. Most people kind of underestimate what the environment may offer in terms of therapy once you get into the right mood. Listening to the birds, wind blowing through the trees, the high waves dashing through the sea, all these in combination with many more have a lot to offer.

Focus on small outdoor challenges

You could try this out by taking up small outdoor challenges that may bring easy and quick successful moments and by doing this you attract more motivation towards going for much more greater things. The best way to approach this is to give yourself a challenge that pushes you to extra limit without creating an atmosphere of discontent. You just remember to keep in mind that challenges may vary between individuals and so it’s not necessary to compare yourself with what another individual is trying to achieve.

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