Proper sleeping habits prepares an individual for a very restful evening where the body system rejuvenates itself. More study shows that proper sleeping habit enables the body to boost on its immunity, watch on weight and helps eliminate risky health conditions. Proper sleep habit can help manage your moods and even further enhance the functioning of the brain and it is well known that while your asleep the brain improves drastically on information retention.

Best tips for healthy sleeping habits

Maintain proper schedule for your sleep time

Top city doctors have lamented that the most difficult situation on health is having patients keep and maintain regular sleep schedule. This sleep schedule means conditioning the body to follow strict guideline on when to take rest. However, even if you experience lack of sleep at a particular night you may be tempted to sleep more in the morning which may not be advisable at this instance this is because you might disorganize the body sleep schedule for the following night.

Create a routine before bedtime or at bedtime

You could start creating a routine by listening to some soothing music, reading some nice story, taking a bath, trying out some nice sound from nature online such as waterfalls and such kind either of these activities may help you relax and this can be effectively done one hour before sleep time and just to keep in mind that this will help maintain the schedule between sleep time until you wakeup again.

Keeping the room environment quite cool and very comfortable

The perfect room that creates the necessary ambiance for this should be cool, silent and with dim lights. It has been noted that the temperature equivalence should be about 63 degrees Fahrenheit which is more conducive for peaceful sleep. The mattress and pillow should be as comfortable as possible allowing for good posture during rest

Lower light intensity during night time

Too much high intensity light during the night time may ruin the required ambiance for sleep at night time. Electronics or even lamps are known to have such light intensity which may make it difficult to sleep. As soon as your done with your dinner time and when you begin to relax just ensure you reduce light intensity coming from either of the devices and engage proper silent mode in devices such as phones.

Switch off your devices early enough

It is important to turn off electronic devices earlier enough like one hour time range before going to bed. During the day we take part in many social activities online, respond to emails play games, watch movies and many other form of electronic interactions, all these when taken all the way to the night time may pause discomfort and lead to sleep disruption. Mobile phone devices are mostly the leading cause for sleep disruption if possible switch them off and maybe place them in different room from the one you will be spending your night sleep. Moreover if this mobile phone device acts as your alarm clock in the night consider ditching it and get an old school single alarm clock.

Stay away from stimulants during late afternoon hours

Studies show that people tend to take coffee more often late in the afternoon after leaving workstations. However, this is not advisable since coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant. People tend to have trouble when they try to get some sleep at night after engaging in food and beverage that contain caffeine in the course of the day not knowing that this should be done at least six hours before sleep time.

Stay away from foods that are sleep disruptive

There are some foods that studies show that they have high probability to cause indigestion, these foods could be in the form of fried dishes, spiced meals and citrus fruits. If possible avoid taking meals to close to bedtime as this may cause a series of heartburns. The stomach is designed in such a way that it takes three to four hours to remain empty hence when taking a nap immediately after meals may result in indigestion or heartburns and may cause you to have a restless night.

Perform exercises regularly

Studies suggest that with exercising regularly can help improve health as well as develop proper sleeping habit. It seems to take a while longer before the exercise creates an impact on healthy sleeping habit which may go as far as waiting for few months as you maintain exercising as often as possible. Workouts work best when you are awake in the morning and best to keep them two to three hours before bed time in the evening.

Bed should be strictly for Sleep only and Sex

Some people tend to furnish their rooms with television , state of the art music systems , fast internet connections and many more sophisticated house hold items. It is important to note that this is the only place you intend to retire away from the daily hustle caused by digital space. Immediately after getting to bed it should take you only twenty five minutes to fall asleep and if this does not take place try some stimulus such as showering, reading, listening to nature or something much more relaxing.

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