At Makeuplooks, open from, one of our top most priority is to protect any visitor who participates in this site. This document possesses kinds of information that is put together and recorded by Makeuplooks and how we use it. In any case you need information with regards to privacy policy don’t hesitate to contact us This policy applies just to the online activities concerning makeuplooks and visitors to this site and the information they share as well as put together in makeuplooks. This kind of approach may not be appropriate to any information put together from any other different site.


By visiting and using you are deemed to agree with our policy and expressly consent to the terms

Data we gather

The kind of information that you may be requested to issue and the reasons why you may be requested to issue may only be done at this site and not any other third party site In any case you decide to reach us via our contact you may be requested to insert for instance your name, email address, telephone number and the message may contain also information that you may decide to share voluntarily. How we utilize your data may gather information and use it differently including to: Offer employment and maintain our website Purposes of growth, improvement and website customization Purpose of understanding and examining how our site is being used by visitors Purpose of developing new functions administratively and highlight its usefulness For purpose of communication with the visitors directly when it comes to issues of client support to enhance the user experience in

Log Files observes all standards with regards to utilization of log documents. These logs take place in all sites whenever a visitor accesses any particular website. The type of information put together by log documents include but not limited to IP addresses, program type, ISP, date and time, pages visited. The main reason for gathering this data by websites universally is for the purpose of managing webpage, analysis and observe client behavior.

Publicizing Partners Privacy Policies

Third party consumers may use advertisements in form of treats, JavaScripts or maybe web beacons that are used separately in commercials that my show up in and can be further sent directly or indirectly to client programs. Some ads may acquire visitors IP address and by doing so they may potentially customize their promotions according to your browsing behavior as a visitor Take notice that does not have any responsibilities or control over such promotions consumed by visitors

Outsider Privacy Policies privacy policy does not cover promoters activities and so it would be adviseable to visit the promoter sites and analyze their privacy policy to guide users in making informed decisions You may decide to disable ad serving through your individual program alternatives. To find out how to go about disabling ad serving and many more you may check on your individual browser as you proceed

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

Under the CCPA, among different rights, purchasers reserve the privilege to: Demand that a business that puts together consumer information should disclose the classes and any kind of information the business collects about the consumer Demand that the business deletes and close to home information about the consumer that the organization has acquired. Demand that an organization that offers to sell consumers information does not sell the consumers personal information without consent from consumer In any case you may have any complaint with regards to rights violation we are obligated to contact you within one month as soon as you manage to contact us

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We might want to ensure that you are totally aware of your rights with regards to information disclosed in our website The right to access your issued information, you reserve the right to demand duplicates of your own data The right to amend, that is you have the right to demand that we correct any information you deem that is not issued correctly The right to delete, that is you reserve the right to demand that your personal information be deleted under any specified conditions The right to limit, that is you reserve the right to demand that amount and type of information that can be shared again under specified conditions. The right to data handling, that is you have a right to demand that information issued by you is handled in a particular manner under specified conditions The right to data migration, that is you have a right to demand that your information be moved or migrated and shared with particular association or directly to you under specified conditions In any case you put forward a request we have a window of one month to respond to you and in the event you may feel like practicing any rights here don’t hesitate to reach us.

Kids' Information

Another area to look out for is when young or under age children may want to access, it is adviseable that they be accompanied with an adult of sound mind to guide them as they navigate through the various site locations. does not gather information from underage children intentionally and in any case you feel that your underage child has issued personal information it is recommended that you contact us for purpose of deletion of such information.

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